January 24, 2023 5:01pm / / Book Review

Quit (2022)

Quit (2022): A psychology book, written by professional poker champion Annie Duke, about the skill of knowing when to quit when the time is right.

"The aim of this book is to create a better understanding of those forces that work against good choices about what and when to quit and the circumstances in which we are reluctant to walk away, and to help all of us view quitting more positively so we can improve our decision making."


Not that I have read anything else on this topic before, but I feel like there are likely many other books that offer similar advice but from a different perspective. Nothing in this read seemed all that original, and like any other secondary source the value of Quit was bringing together related concepts and mental models to contract a fuller image of what quitting when the time is right looks like.

There's certainly lots to unpack from my reading notes— I am particularly interested in quitting in relation to careers, and how quitting is informed by and shapes a person's identity. With that said, this book is one that I'm unlikely to recommend to someone unless they're really struggling with breaking away from things/people they should no longer be connected to. If someone is in that situation and they're looking for broad and theoretical perspective to aid them, this might be the read for them.